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My desktop environment, using fvwm.

This is for "work". I rely heavily on virtual desktops. Most of them look like this, one has a sidebar with mostly small xterm windows embedded in it. (My eight desktops are: mail, web, general, admin, work, video, spare, spare.) It's almost entirely xterm windows. The only gui application I ever use other than web browsers is gimp.

From the top, the sidebar contains: IO, vmstat, cut buffers (insanely useful to have those displayed), messages (little shell script thing, very easy to quickly add a new line, which is trivially accessable from shell scripts), "icon manager" (in text mode, I don't like icons), virtual desktop managers.

(An earlier version of my sidebar was just a postscript window, and various programs fed it chunks of postscript code over a named pipe. That was an interesting experiment I should probably revisit.)

And of course, some of my UI is bolted to a post next to my laptop: