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Monkey Man

The video I made for Melt-Banana's cover of the ska standard Monkey Man by the Maytals just passed the 300,000 views mark on youtube.

You can download a higher quality copy from my site.

I created this video entirely in hand-coded postscript, except for a small part I wrote in C that massaged the audio into a format that was easier to import into the postscript program. (Several things in the animation are driven by the audio: the background color and alien eye color, plus the string to the balloon.) As an example, this is the code for the alien's antenna (the variable tick is the clock signal, AKA the current frame number):

	% Antenna
	/r1 tick 12.0 mul sin 0.3 mul 3.0 add def
	0.2 setlinewidth
	0 1 moveto
	0 3
	0 3
	1 r1 curveto stroke
	1 r1 0.3 0 360 arc fill

One annoying thing about splitting up problems over C & Postscript is that trig functions in C take radians, while the Postscript functions take degrees. Ugh.