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In 1985, Japanese noise band Hanatarash performed the most notorious noise show of all time.

"We got on this thing and rode it, bang! Through the doors of the hall. It'll spin a full 360 degrees, so we were spinning and driving through the audience, chasing them around, when suddenly there was this wall we spun into and opened a rather large hole in. The wind came blowing in. The shovel part got stuck in the hole and, trying to get it out, we pushed a switch that started the tractor tipping up, like it was about to go over backwards. I was worried that Taketani would get crushed and die. So I stopped it, arched up like that and we got off. Strapped to our backs were two saws--kind of like a weed-eater shape, but with a real circular saw blade at the end. We whipped `em out, fired `em up and worked at the walls and stage a bit. Most of the audience took off but one woman sat calmly and watched. We pretty much trashed the place. Backstage we'd left a couple Molotov cocktails to use for the finish, but unfortunately when the tractor had wrecked, it spilled a bunch of gasoline. It smelled pretty strong, a lot of vapors in the air, so we were looking at a pretty big explosion if we even lit a match. Then about 10 people grabbed me and held me down because I was too excited and out of control. That was the end of the show." - Yamatsuka Eye