The Cobras Were in Bloom ( available on amazon)

The Sands

The Prince and The Orphan Girl A super-realist epic drama.

Car 23

The Symbionese States of America

Hatestock The greatest outdoor rock festival of all time.

The Giant Clam is about the various effects of the arrival of a giant clam.

Biology Class concerns the interesting things that they teach you in biology class.

Monkey Child A story of family bonding.

Oswald was a Decoy It's a complex world out there.

I Don't Think The Aliens Ever Figured Him Out. Sometimes a society's greatest heroes seem a complete mystery to someone from the outside.

A Sad Sailor's Fate is a sad tale of sailors lost at sea.

Robert Has A Very Good Day tells all about Robert's day, and how good it was.

The Adventures of Space Ranger Darren is about how exciting it is to be a Space Ranger, fighting the evil Mind-Worms!

The Inanimate Object Maximum Security Prison and Petting Zoo is about a legendary prison break.

A Story is an experiment in high-speed plot dirft.

Barrentown is a short experimental piece about a weird future distopia. No plot, no characters.

Jammy Jams is an extremely short piece about the importance of discretion in sleepwear.

Time Capsule is about communicating with the distant future.

Fisher of Men is about life.

End Construction is about a chance encounter.

The World Is A Pointy Stick is an absurdist play about civilization.

Two Idiots Babbling is a confusing play with two characters trying to ignore each other.

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