CHAPTER I - "Stealthily in the Dark of Night"

The Mind-Worms stealthily clambered out of their black slimy rocket ship onto the cool concrete of the sidewalk. Focused like wolves in the last dash towards their prey, they closed in on the pumps and cunningly used humanity's technological accomplishments to their own secretive ends as they filled their ship's tanks with unleaded gasoline.

"Urryhay, ethay astermay owsgray impatientway!"

The Mind-Worms operating the pumps seemed to cringe as their commander barked his orders at them.

"Ethay ankstay areway almostway ullfay."

The tension grew as the seconds ticked by. The seasoned evildoers constantly scanned the horizon, on the watch for any innocent humans to ply their evilness on.

"Icklyquay, ethay ightnay isway iperay orfay evilway onquestcay!"

If only someone who understood the cryptic and diabolical Mind-Worm tongue were within earshot! What terrible plans these creatures must have in store for Earth's innocent millions!

"Icklyquay, ourway izzapay isway ettinggay oldcay!"

At this they became a blur of subversive action, removing the pumps from their fuel intakes, screwing the fuel cap back on, stealthily returning the pump to its previous condition, leaving no evidence of their daring escepades, and sneaking back into their ship.

A moment later the dark tranquility of the American midwest was shattered as the ship's four engines roared to life.

The Earth it seems, had just barely survived another brush with the wicked impropriety of the MIND-WORMS, and was safe for the time being - as the rocket's glare faded into the sea of stars.

Safe now... BUT FOR HOW LONG?

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