CHAPTER II - Traitorous Minion of the Mind-Worms

Darren and Roger were pressed up against the window in the airlock, trying to catch sight of the Galactic High Council Space Station as they approached for docking.

"Golly, look at how big it is!" Roger said, and Darren nodded. It certainly was big!

The other Rangers stood around, watching the indicator lights above the outer hatch, ready to run into the space station and catch the evil traitors! It sure was exciting being on a secret mission!

"Docking in one minute. Remember everyone, this is a top secret mission, and our cover story is that we're lost and looking for directions." Commander Bill's voice came over their suit radios.

Darren was worried for a second. He had forgotten all about the cover story! He sure hoped he'd remember while they were in the station. He wouldn't want to mess up the mission! Being a Space Ranger is a lot of responsability. You can't just shine your shoes all day!

A few minutes later, and they were marching down a High Council hallway, as surprised office workers jumped out of their way.

Suddenly a guard stepped into the middle of the corridor!

"Halt! Who are you, and what are you doing here?"

"We're lost and looking for directions!" The Space Rangers chanted in unison, brandishing their space rifles.

"Oh. Ok." The guard stepped out of their way and smiled at them.

They continued down the hallway until they found the door Commander Bill had told them to look for. It said "Viewer's Gallery". They went in, and took their seats overlooking the Galactic High Council debating room.

One of the Space Rangers suddenly fired a shot from his space rifle, and the man speaking at the podium fell down! He looked hurt! A guard came rushing in to the viewer's gallery, but the Space Rangers had all hidden their space rifles under their seats, and said they didn't know where the shot had come from.

"That was close! But we've got to be careful. I don't think that was the traitor we were looking for anyways." Darren said.

All the Space Rangers decided to be very careful and make sure they were shooting the right politician next time.

They had to wait for several more people to speak at the podium before the Mind-Worms' traitorous pawn finally came into sight.

"That's him!" Darren shouted!

The entire room stopped and looked up at them. The Space Rangers smiled, waved at everyone, and hid their space rifles again.

Darren promised himself he'd be more careful about being secretive in the future.

The man at the podium had started talking about something called "tort reform", so they all hurredly aimed their rifles and stopped him before he could corrupt the democratic and free Galactic High Council with his Mind-Worm trickery.

"Let's get out of here!" one of the Rangers said, and they all hurried back down the corridor to their ship.

The guards down below were too busy looking for little pieces of the politican to follow them, and they managed to get back to the ship without being stopped or questioned.

Commander Bill was very happy when they returned and reported what had happened.

"You stopped him just in time!" He said.

Everyone was very happy and proud to be a Space Ranger that day, and they had SMORES roasted over the ship's reactor core to celebrate their defence of freedom and demoacracy from the evils of the Mind-Worms and Tort Reform Legislation.

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