CHAPTER I - Evil Yrinian Gunships


The sirens wailed and the speakers barked commands. It was an emergency on the Space Ranger Cruiser Vincennes, and Space Ranger Darren jumped up to put his space suit on!

"I wonder what's going on! We must be under attack!" he thought to himself. He had the space suit on in a minute, but it took a while for him to put his action figures neatly away, so he was the last one up to the battle deck.

"Hurry up! Let's go, let's go!" Commander Bill was serious!

Darren ran in and took his place with the other sixteen Space Rangers.

"We've recieved information that there is a commercial space vehicle trying to get through the Crab Nebula Straights up ahead, and they're under attack by Yrinian gunboats."

The ship's radio operator ran in just then. "Sir! We've received new orders from Central Command: the say to stay away from the Yrinian ships, and simply maintain surveilance of the area." He immediately ran out of the room, back to the communications room.

Command Bill continued.

"We've been ordered to intercept the Yrinians and kill everything in the vicinity: military, civilian, inorganic, whatever. We'll be within range in about five minutes. Everyone to battle stations!"

The Yrinians! Darren had heard terrible tales about the Yrinians, militant remenants of the ancient Pyrzen Empire, and notoriously immoral restrictors of the fuel trade! Orders from Central Command to intercept and kill the Yrinians must mean that they'd done something horribly evil this time!

A few minutes later and Darren was strapped in to the control station of one of the ship's SM2 missiles watching the Yrinian ships come into view on his console.

"Gosh they're tiny! Those tricky rascals!" Darren was so mad at those devious Yrinians for picking a fight with a Space Ranger cruiser with such tiny badly armed ships that he almost cursed!

As the tiny ships turned and began to leave the vicinity, Commander Bill announced over the loudspeaker: "Yrinian ships attacking! Return fire immediately!"

Suddenly the entire ship began shaking and booming as the main five-inch cannons fired round after round at the tiny ships!

All of a sudden Darren's attention was distracted from watching the battle by a green flashing light on his panel. It was another Yrinian ship!

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