CHAPTER II - Stopping the Evil Yrinian Passenger Ship

"Sir! There's a light on my console that says that a 'CIVILIAN COMMERCIAL PASSENGER SHIP' is approaching - I think it's a Yrinian attack ship!" Darren said into the shipboard radio.

"Good work Ranger. Keep an eye on it and tell me if it makes any threatening moves, like moving closer, or moving further away, or standing perfectly still."

"Yes Sir, Captain Bill!"

Darren was so excited that a large enemy ship was approaching them! Finally he'd have a chance to push the rest of the buttons on his console that he hadn't tried yet. There was a black one, and a silver one, and two red ones with little covers over them that he'd never had the chance to push before. This was going to be a great day for Darren!

Darren watched the range display carefully as it read out the distance to the new ship:









When the display finally hit 12,000, Darren activated his microphone again: "Commander! The Yrinian ship is approaching us! The distance has decreased from 7,000 klicks to 12,000 klicks in just a few minutes!"

"Acknowledged Ranger." Came the reply from Captain Bill. "Prepare to fire your missile."

Oh boy! Darren couldn't wait to see his missile fired! Missiles had these neat firey things out the back that were really fun to sit and watch!

"YES SIR, COMMANDER BILL!" Darren couldn't help but shout into his microphone.

Darren watched his monitor breathlessly as the attack ship threateningly moved further and further away...

"FIRE!" Came the command over his headset!

Darren pushed the two red buttons simultaneously, and the missile sped off! The buttons had a strong distinctive click and sank far into the console. It was really neat! Darren pushed them again, firing another missile. What fun!

Darren was ready to go back to his room and read comic books, when he suddenly remembered about the attack ship!

"I wonder what will happen when the missiles hit it?" he whispered to himself.

Flipping a few switches, his console display switched to long-range viewer, and he could see the bright points of his missiles closing in on the huge slow-moving shape of the passenger ship.

"Hmmmmm." Darren thought that something seemed odd, but he couldn't put his finger on it.

"Oh well, I'm sure it's nothing important." he decided, just as his console was filled with a bright flash.

"Yea! My missiles worked!" Darren was excited!

Using his console controls, Darren zoomed in so he could see the enemy ship closer. Twisted, blackened metal bits were everywhere, and hundreds and hundreds of little people-shaped objects were spilling out of the side of the burning ship.

"That's odd. Why would an attack ship be filled with lots and lots of little people-shaped things? Probably some evil new secret weapon!" Darren thought. "Will those Yrinian crazies ever stop attacking the peacefull people of the universe?"

Everyone on the ship was pleased as punch that Darren had protected them from the evil Yrinian attack ship, and that Commander Bill had handled the situation so well. And of course, the entire Federation back home was proud of their little boys, out protecting the galaxy from evil and inhumanity.

Commander Bill and Space Ranger Darren both received medals for their bravery and restraint that day.

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