In a near-future world, mankind has abandoned the Earth, and the televisions have started broadcasting to each other. The atmosphere has become so polluted as to be completely hallucinogenic. The inevitable robot uprising starts here, as the machines are given greater authority, to oversee the incoherent remaining few.

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Robots Declare Independence.

Abandoned TV

Broadcast from a pirate tv station.

Space Carney

A lone Space Carney wanders the countryside.


Aliens are fascinated with developing civilizations' initial steps into space, and there is a huge collector's market for first probes and ships. As civilizations become more technically advanced, they're all the same, so aliens lose interest. That's why there were alien visitors to the earth in the 20th and early 21st centuries, but not since then. Also, everything NASA left on the moon has been stolen.

Everything by Dave Fischer unless otherwise noted.

Lead goggles wearer: Lauren Tam