Sat Sep 13 23:16:57 EDT 2014

Version 1.6 adds a very minor feature, plus a significant improvement in the parser. All words (command, arguments, filenames for IO redirection, arguments for job handlers) now support all the same expansions. This was previously inconsistant. Also, quoting is now better for limiting expansions. The only new feature is temporary environment variables for a single command via a single back-quote after command args ("command arg arg `NAME=val"). Also up-arrow now works, if you compile with readline.

Wed Aug 6 23:22:37 EDT 2014

Version 1.5.2 fixes some bugs, mostly related to env args for scripts. Also, "setenv -ci" now correctly resets all internal settings to defaults. And... mpsh-nice-def sets default nice value for background jobs.

Sun Jun 8 20:35:16 EDT 2014

Version 1.5.1 fixes a few bugs in history & command grouping.

Fri Apr 25 17:36:45 EDT 2014

Released version 1.5. Lots of bug fixes and some new features and tweaks:

"macro" command.

"show-path" command.

Give a job an arbitrary name.

setenv -c[aih] option.

Internal setting: mpsh-exp-nl

Boolean internal settings take "true" or "false" as well as "1" or "0".

Job handler variables no longer take a leading "!". Sorry about that.

Thu Feb 20 18:03:19 EST 2014

Released version 1.4. jobs extended with display format strings & fields, like command history. All builtin commands given "-h" inline help. setenv options changed to be consistent with other builtins. History now displays CPU usage properly under Linux.

Tue Feb 4 12:07:54 EST 2014

Released minor version 1.3.1 for bug fixes.

Fri Jan 17 22:44:11 EST 2014

Released version 1.3 to the public. Added the "alias" command, and more fields to command history and command history display. (The "parsed" field is not complete. It handles general argument expansion (env, glob, etc.) but it is incomplete when dealing with complex pipelines.)

Sun Dec 22 03:54:32 EST 2013

Minor revision update due to the discovery of a handful of bugs.

Tue Dec 17 15:22:34 EST 2013

Released version 1.2 to the public. Fixed some bugs, added a few interesting features to command history, and confirmed that it compiles properly under OSX. (Building under OSX requires gcc. It will not work with clang. In particular, that means that a "gcc" command that actually invokes clang will not work.)

Fri Nov 15 10:41:13 EST 2013

Released version 1.1 to the public. Special thanks to Vladimir Mishev for beta testing.

Fri Nov 8 17:50:57 EST 2013

Version 1.1 released to beta testers. Fixed some assorted bugs, added mpsh-nice and "symmetric" multiprocess jobs.

Thu Oct 31 10:08:27 EDT 2013

Version 1.0 released to beta testers.